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ABOUT US: About Us
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Clutching a fairly unanswered question in her hand and her heart, Tayiba set out on a quest to explore ‘who am I beyond the world’s perception of me?’.

After seeking solace in the outer world, she learnt to look within for a true reflection of herself.

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With the belief that every woman’s story is hers alone to tell, she conjured up a brand inspired by inward discovery for every strong, independent and courageous woman.

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Tayiba's main aim was to combine timeless designs with unique intricacies to create a means for women to tell their story and bring to life every unspoken emotion.

She wanted to create a high fashion aesthetic whilst maintaining affordability - a world of luxury both within reach and meaningful.

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TAY|BA launched with a small but enthralling collection of 25 designs. Offering free UK delivery and complementary gift packaging to truly live up to the 'affordable luxury' promise, we sold 48 pieces in June

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Almost sold out, we received our first international order.

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Over 60 designs, each telling their own story. Many with irregularities and some with beautiful inconsistencies.

785 amazing women (and counting) telling their story through our pieces all across the globe.

A community of strong, independent and courageous women - on their own individual journey's - with stories theirs alone to tell.

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TAY|BA is a brand discovered through the exploration and acceptance of one woman - on a quest to help every woman embrace who she is - her stories, her emotions and her whole being through timeless design and craftsmanship.

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